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Ema's best friend and the king of Snowy River Farm. Bendigo took Ema from preliminary to five-star; he's known for his picturesque form over a fence and he's a real trier. 

Likes: jumping big fences, and doing so at speed.

Dislikes: dressage; being confined to a stall for any period of time.

Level: CCI5*

Owners: Jeni Klugman

Screen Shot 2020-12-26 at 4.49.43 PM.png
Bronte Beach

This 8yo mare is as talented as she is precocious. Sourced in England as a rambunctious young horse, Bronte has quickly become a superstar, winning the Virginia CCI***-L in 2020, moving up to Advanced in spring 2021, and finishing top-ten in the Morven Park CCI****-L in 2021.

Likes: any kind of food, and being clipped.

Dislikes: being on a diet.

Level: CCI4*

Owners: Bronte Beach syndicate

RF Redfern

"The Fern" may be little, but she's got serious scope and she likes to win. Always with a bounce in her step and just the right amount of attitude, this diminutive horse started eventing in June 2020 and has won 9 out of her 18 starts, with wins at training, modified, preliminary, and intermediate levels.

Likes: being the center of attention, and cuddles.

Dislikes: being ignored.  

Level: CCI2*/Intermediate

Owners: Team Fern

G MAK20-0512666 (2).JPG
Joker's Win

Joker had a long and successful career as a racehorse, and then took Ema around several Advanced and 4* events. He now enjoys a healthy balance of trail riding and teaching young riders and amateurs the ropes of eventing.

Likes: carrots, and splashing in his water trough.

Dislikes: being separated from longtime boyfriend Bendigo

Level: CCI4*

Owners: Jeni Klugman, Lucia Hanmer

joker aecs.jpg


As Ema develops her young horses Bronte Beach and RF Redfern to progress up the levels of eventing, there are opportunities for people to be involved and invested in the journey. Owning a piece of a talented young horse gives you an inside look into the training process, competition plans, and eventually front row seats at the biggest events in the country. To learn more about Bronte's syndicate, please click here.

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