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Bronte Beach

Bronte is as talented as she is precocious. Sourced in England as a rambunctious young horse, Bronte has quickly become a superstar, winning the Virginia CCI***-L in 2020, moving up to Advanced in spring 2021, finishing in the top-ten in numerous CCI****-L events, including Bromont, Morven Park, and Terranova, and making a successful 5* debut at Kentucky in 2024.

Likes: any kind of food, and being clipped.

Dislikes: being on a diet.

Level: CCI5*

Owners: Bronte Beach Syndicate

RF Redfern

"The Fern" may be little, but she's got serious scope and she likes to win. Always with a bounce in her step and just the right amount of attitude, this diminutive horse started eventing in June of 2020 and has won over a dozen events, with wins at training, modified, preliminary, and intermediate levels.

Likes: being the center of attention, and cuddles.

Dislikes: being ignored.  

Level: CCI4*/Advanced

Owners: Team Fern

Slieve Callan Alpha

"Blizzard" came into Ema's barn in the spring of 2023, having competed successfully through the 2* level with his owner, Nick. Blizzard and Ema hit it off right away, and subsequently had a successful move-up to Intermediate and then Advanced within a year of starting their partnership together. Blizzard has amazing talent, especially in the jumping phases, and Ema is excited to produce him to the 5* level in the coming years.

Likes: jumping massive jumps, acting Irish.

Dislikes: being bathed or clipped.

Level: CCI4*

Owners: Nicholas Cardamone

FVF Wildflower

In the winter of 2021, Ema sat on a three year-old at Fox View Farm. She was training her for the owners at the time, and some months later they called her and asked if she wanted to buy "Oakley." It was hard to wipe the feeling of the spring of her jump from memory, and thus Oakley became part of the team. She competed in the 4yo YEH Championships at Fair Hill later that year, stepped up to training level nicely as a 5yo, won the competitive Great Meadow preliminary as a 6yo, and placed 6th in her first 2*L as a 7yo. Though tricky, Oakley has more grit than any other horse in the barn. She would jump through fire if you asked her to.

Likes: jumping, particularly at speed!

Dislikes: ice boots.

Level: CCI2*

Owners: Wildflower Syndicate


As beautiful as he is talented, Chiraz seems to wake up every morning excited about the day ahead. He has enthusiasm in every phase, but particularly loves the cross country. Ema and Chiraz have been paired together since the winter of 2023 and have had great results at the intermediate and 3* levels so far. He was originally produced to the 3* level by Mikki Kuchta. 

Likes: getting very dirty (not ideal for a grey)!

Dislikes: having his face brushed.

Level: CCI3*

Owners: Chiraz Syndicate

Wood's Hole

Although the youngest member of the team, Woody's maturity and wonderful personality bely his age. Ema saw an eight-second video of 2yo Woody on Facebook and bought him almost right away. He had raced twice, but showed no interest in being a racehorse.


Woody is one of the easiest and most exciting young horses we have ever had. He won a 4yo YEH qualifier on a score of 82%. With his amazing thoroughbred blood and fabulous jump, we can only dream about where he might go in the sport.

Likes: drinking from the hose. 

Dislikes: we haven't found anything he doesn't like!

Level: Novice

Owners: Ema Klugman

Screenshot 2024-06-03 at 4.23_edited.jpg


As Ema develops her team of horses up the levels of eventing, there are opportunities for people to be involved and invested in the journey. Owning a piece of a talented horse gives you an inside look into the training process, competition plans, and eventually front row seats at the biggest events in the country. To learn more about syndication and ownership, please visit the Syndication and Ownership page.

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