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Syndication and Ownership

Get involved in elite level sport.


Want to own a
top-level event horse?

Most of Ema's horses are owned by syndicates. A syndicate is a group of people who own shares in a horse.


Ownership takes you right to the heart of the action, as Ema gives you updates on your horse, involves you in the preparation and planning for big events, and even allows you to ride your horse when time allows. And when you attend a top level event like Kentucky or Maryland 5 Star, you can watch your horse tackle the biggest courses in the world, and tell all your friends about it!


Ema loves to involve her owners in her horses' lives. She sends weekly updates on her horses to all of her owners, and she often provides video analysis. As we all know with horses, there are highs and lows, but  Ema works very hard to get every horse in her barn to the top of the sport. The journey to get there is incredibly exciting, and one of the most rewarding things about owning an event horse is seeing their progression as an athlete. 


If you are interested in joining the team as an owner, please get in touch. Ema has some shares in her current horses available, and she is also willing to scout new horses for potential owners who would like to get involved, either as a syndicate or as individuals owning a horse outright.

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Additional Benefits of Ownership

Another benefit of ownership is that your contributions can be tax-deductible. Through the American Horse Trials Foundation, Ema can receive tax-deductible donations to support her syndicated horses. Thus, the arrangement is a win-win.

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Syndicate Example: Bronte Beach

One example of a very successful syndicate that Ema has formed has been the Bronte Beach Syndicate. Bronte Beach, our lovely 5* mare, is owned by a syndicate of 41 people. Ema purchased the horse as a five year-old, and realizing her obvious potential, she sought to bring on a team of owners to support the horse on her journey to the top. Bronte won the Lexington 3*L in 2020 at her first attempt at the level, and subsequently placed in the top-10 at several 4*L events. She debuted at the 5* level in 2024 and shows the potential to jump the biggest courses in the world.

The story of the syndicate was featured in The Chronicle of the Horse, which can be read here:

Syndicate Example:
RF Redfern

Another example of a wonderful syndicate that Ema has formed is "Team Fern," a group of eight people who support the superstar mare, RF Redfern. 

Fern has an interesting story, as she was bred in Kansas to be a hunter or a jumper. She then had a foal as a five year-old, so her riding career did not begin until she was six, when Marilyn Little spotted her at a horse show. Ema tried her over some cross country jumps, immediately purchased her, and the plan to develop Fern into a top-level event horse was formed. Fern has won more than a dozen events so far in her career, from the training through intermediate levels, and she has already had a podium finish at the 4*S level. Now 11 years-old, Fern is entering the prime of her career, and the sky is the limit for her. Team Fern-- thank you for being along for the ride!

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