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Ema Klugman

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International Five-Star Event Rider

About Ema

Ema Klugman is a young event rider with horses from Novice level through Advanced. She was the highest-placed youngest rider at the Kentucky Three-Day Event in 2021 with her self-made Bendigo. In 2019, she twice received the Bromont Rising scholarship, which selected squads of young riders to compete at the Canadian Bromont CCI event and the U.S. Ocala Jockey Club event. At the Ocala Jockey Club, she recorded a third-place finish in the CCI****-L division. That performance secured her place on the Australian High Performance NEXT squad, which identifies future riders for the Olympics and World Championships. In 2020, she won the CCI***-L in Lexington on Bronte Beach, and has since recorded three top-ten finishes on the same horse at the CCI****-L level in subsequent years. In 2024, Ema completed the Kentucky three-day event on Bronte Beach, meaning she had produced two horses to the five-star level by the age of 26.


Ema started riding horses in Pony Club while growing up in Nairobi, Kenya. Following that initial introduction to the horse world, she trained with the late Packy McGaughan and subsequently worked as a rider for Marilyn Little in both show jumping and eventing. Through the United States Pony Club, she has achieved three A level ratings – traditional, showjumping and dressage – one of only two people in the U.S. to attain this level of certification. She teaches clinics around the country and maintains a group of talented horses at her base in Maryland, where she runs a sales and training operation. In addition to being a competitive event rider, she graduated from Duke University in 2020 with majors in history and public policy, and she received a J.D. from the George Washington University of Law in May 2024.

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I have limited spaces in my barn for quality sales horses. My horses normally sell within 6 weeks. 


Clinics and Lessons

I take on horses for training, ranging from youngsters to more experienced horses. I usually take horses for a minimum of one month.

As my schedule allows, I travel around the country for clinics. I also teach locally (MD/PA/VA). 

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I've known Ema since our Pony Club days--since then she has gone on to achieve all three A ratings (I thought I was cool when I got one) and make a name for herself as an event rider. I bought a lovely 5 year old from Ema a few months ago called "Jackaroo" and have been nothing but pleased with him. I recently sent her a horse to sell and she had trials lined up within 5 days--however, he has blossomed under her training and I've decided to keep him! I'm excited to continue working with Ema with my two lovely thoroughbreds. 

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I met Ema during her senior year at Duke during what was a questionable  period of decision-making in my amateur riding career. She helped me overcome a series of setbacks with wisdom beyond her years, progress further in my riding, and meet goals I could not have achieved on my own. I've been privileged to continue to clinic with her, and every time I take something positive away (even if it's a pair of soiled breeches).

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